Product and order-related information

Natural stone is a product of nature and is therefore subject to natural variations of color, shading, veins, markings and texture from piece to piece. The typical variation of a stone is dependent upon the type of stone selected. No claims will be accepted after materials are fabricated or installed. We extend no guarantees; expressed or implied, as to slipperiness, wear resistance or maintenance procedures. All natural stone is subject to some wearing or scratching over time. Please keep in mind that our products have the highest quality in terms of material grade, surface processing and finish. Rest assured that you will not be getting any rejected or defective items. (Beware that in most of the listings online, commercial grade, defective or rejected materials are traded). Please make your comparisons keeping all these in mind and place your orders accordingly for your own benefit. Do not forget that you are making a long term investment which should last for a long period of time.

Samples & Sampling Procedures:

- We very highly recommend that you get a sample of a product before committing to a large order. Natural stone products have quite a bit of variation in terms of colors, shading, finish, texture, etc.; regardless of which product you choose or where you get the items from. Therefore, it is always the best for you to personally get a sample and approve it before placing an actual order.

- ALL SAMPLES are NON-RETURNABLE. We only charge a small fee for our samples to cover shipping expenses. In fact, this fee does not fully cover the shipping costs we incur shipping your samples to you. Therefore, we are not able to accept returns on any sample items. (A SAMPLE is defined as an order consisting of a quantity of "1" of any given line item) 

- ONLY 1 SAMPLE of EACH ITEM per HOUSEHOLD / ADDRESS IS ALLOWED. MULTIPLE SAMPLE ORDERS of the SAME ITEM PLACED BY THE SAME BUYER / HOUSEHOLD WILL NOT BE SHIPPED without our prior permission / approval. If you need multiple samples of a particular item, please reach us directly to get more information about this option.

- Please remember, samples are a way to help our customers make better decisions by seeing the item(s) in person for approval. In almost all cases, our samples are chosen in such a way to show the overall characteristics of the actual item. Therefore, a single sample of a particular item should be more than sufficient to get an idea about how that particular product looks & feels in real life. We do our very best to send samples that represent the overall characteristics of the item and the entire lot as a whole.

Order Quantity Recommendations, Continuations & Add-ons:

- No matter how hard you try and what you do, estimating the exact amount of material you'll be needing is almost always impossible. Depending on several different factors (e.g. the layout of the installation area, desired tile patterning, the skillfulness of the installers, required cuts, etc.) it is always the best to get some additional materials to complete your project without running short on materials. Usually, getting 5-10% extra material would be sufficient in most cases but please talk to your professional tile setter or installer to come up with the exact quantities of material you will need for your project.

- Before placing your order, please make sure to carefully check how an item is sold and in what form it is being offered (e.g. full sheets, lots, sets, etc.) Also, be aware of the physical characteristics of the particular material you are working with. Some natural stone products will have more breakage or waste during installation and it is always best to keep this in mind and place your orders accordingly.

- Also, even from the same manufacturers, identical products that come in different shipments/lots may vary quite a bit in terms of shading and coloring. Even though we work with highly reliable manufacturers with large and consistent manufacturing capabilities, due to the nature of these products, variations are inherent and cannot be avoided. Therefore, when placing an order, please be very careful and try to order the correct quantity needed for the project as we cannot guarantee the same color/shade of tile on any orders placed at different times. Please try to combine all of your orders together and do your best to accurately anticipate the quantity of material needed for your project. This will help to avoid any future supply and " product matching" problems.

Lead Time:

- Except for custom or hand-made items (and unless otherwise stated on a particular item listing page), all of our advertised items are in stock at all times and available for immediate shipping. Depending on the size and the contents of your order, most orders will be shipped in 1-5 business days. And depending on your location, you can expect to receive your order in 2-7 business days, in most cases. (Please refer to the specific item page and listing details for more information on a certain item and exceptions / exclusions). For specific questions and expedited shipping options, please contact us directly to get more information.